Cue 'My Heart Will Go On' because the Titanic is coming to the Stanley Hotel. The hotel is celebrating the Titanic's last dinner, by serving it 106 years later.

You can experience the Titanic's final meal at the Stanley Hotel is Estes Park. An extraordinary ship deserves an extraordinary course, how does 10-courses sound?

The 10-course Titanic dinners are on Friday and Saturday, April 13-14, and it's a very intimate ordeal. Both nights dinner will be served to a small group of 20.

The anniversary of the ship's very last dinner is April 14th, which makes this Saturday the 106th anniversary. The director of the Titanic dinner stated:

With it being the anniversary of the Titanic, something magical had to happen at the Stanley.

('My Heart Will Go On' continues to play as you're reading this.) I have always loved the movie Titanic, especially because of my best friend. One could say it's a borderline obsession for her.

My friend has seen the movie over 100 times. And no, that is not a joke. If I could take anyone to this Titanic dinner -- it would definitely be her.

She'd probably want to dress up like Rose and because I love her, I would be Jack. Just for her.

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