The lure of instant riches is what brought people to Colorado in the 1800s.

But now gold prospecting is more of a hobby. Most claims were all played out which is why mines closed and people left.

But now you can take your shot at gold in Colorado without having to file a claim. Let's take a look at where.

Arapahoe Bar Denver

Set up along Clear Creek in Denver lies a gold prospecting park where you can pan and sluice your heart out free of charge. Imagine being that one person who finds enough gold to retire. What a nice dream.

Cache Creek - Granite

No claim needed here, either. Located between Leadville and Buena Vista on Highway 24 in Granite, Colorado. This was a site that closed while it was still producing. So if your hope is to find a nice nugget of gold, this might be your best bet. No fees and no restrictions for 2019. That may change for 2020.

Clear Creek Canyon - Blackhawk

The gold found here is very fine so you will need to pay close attention to what you have. Ten miles of waterway for you to prospect from gives you ample opportunity to find gold and enjoy your day.

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