Imagine knocking three items off your bucket list in a 24 hour period. This last Tuesday, August 30, I was able to do that.

In one whirlwind trip, I knocked a total of three lifelong goals out of the park. Obviously, none of these items involved anything earth shattering like "curing cancer" or "walking on the moon." These were big, yet obtainable, goals.

Bucket List Item #1 - Seeing the band Heart at Red Rocks

Heart is one of the greatest bands of all time, and Red Rocks is one of the greatest venues in the world. Heart + Red Rocks = one of the greatest concerts ever.

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Bucket List Item #2 - Meeting Ann and Nancy Wilson of Heart

I've seen them in concert many times. I've hosted them in concert once. Unfortunately, one of the drags that comes with being in the event promotions business involves the rules which dictate that staff are not to bother the performers. I work with stage managers - stage managers work with road managers and sound techs - road managers work with the artists. Historically, as a radio guy, I've not been allowed to approach the artists. There are, of course, exceptions. When it comes to Heart, I've never been able to meet them.

Heart's road manager took me on a brief tour of Nancy's bus. It was nice -- extremely nice. As a lifelong fan of Nancy's, it was hard to believe I was actually in her "home away from home."

While backstage, Nancy Wilson's guitar tech gave me the chance to take a photo with her guitar. This wasn't on the bucket list, but it should have been. I never imagined this opportunity would present itself.

Bucket List Item #3 - Drive Monarch Pass for the return trip to Grand Junction

A course was set for I-25 to Highway 285, to Highway 50, heading back through Gunnison. Okay, so it's a little weird that a lifelong Coloradan has never used this route. Nevertheless, I've never driven it before -- until now. Nothing against I-70, but the southern route back is much more enjoyable.

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Well, there's my Tuesday. It was a long day, but a goodie. Unfortunately, the concert at Red Rocks managed to make national news, and not in a good way. A torrential downpour erupted early in the show, and we had to evacuate the amphitheater. The show eventually resumed, but with all parties, including the performers, turning into popsicles.

Thank you Ann, Nancy, Heart's record label, road manager, and tech crew, for making this all possible. It was Heart that motivated me to go into music and radio in the first place. Now, 33 years after becoming a fan, they've helped me to realize even more goals.