There you are, walking down a Colorado trail, when suddenly you encounter a wild animal you've never seen before. Now what do you do? You whip out your Apple or Android phone and use the new app developed by Mesa County Libraries, Alpine Banks, and Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

This new app is now available. The app, WildCO -- available at iTunes or Google Play -- , literally puts the power of a guidebook right in your hand. WildCO features a database including almost 300 species of wildlife common to Colorado. Species featured in the database range from fish, birds, mammals, and reptiles.

Let's say you encounter an animal and you want to share your info with others using the app. WildCO allows you to take photos and share sighting info with other users.

Okay, so how much does this app cost? FREE! That's right, FREE. How do you get it? WildCO can be downloaded  from the Apple APP Store or Google Play.

How did this app come to be? The Mesa County Public Library Foundation initiated a fundraising campaign late last year to generate the needed $15,000. Alpine Bank really got things rolling with a generous donation of $10,000.

"The Alpine Bank team is excited for the launch of the WildCO app. We are proud to have partnered with our visionary library district in bringing this educational tool for students and wildlife enthusiasts to life. We are even more excited that this first-of-its-kind app was developed right here in Mesa County," - Clay Tufly, Alpine Bank regional president.

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