Are you finding yourself in the doghouse after a wild weekend this fine Monday morning? Have no fear, it’s your lucky day! Today is National Get Out of the Dog House Day and I am here to help you with your situation.  There are three steps that are certain to help you achieve getting out of the dog house.


Rub his or her feet, AND while you’re doing that apologize profusely. Tell your honey that you love them so much, keep rubbing the feet, and repeat.


Make reservations at the fanciest restaurant, or their favorite restaurant in Grand Junction. Perhaps, the Bistro, Garfield’s, The Winery on Main, WW Peppers, or Le Rouge.


Gifts are AWESOME, but for your safety men, NO HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES! Let us think more along the lines of shiny, sparkly, and sweet. Possibly a nice bottle of wine and chocolate, or some bubbly with a diamond inside, this, of course, would determine how big your dog house is.

If one, or more of these steps don’t work. Try again. And if that doesn’t work, I’m sorry, you’re screwed! Speed dating is always an option.

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