Legislators were able to get a few bills passed that may actually make a difference.

Pera Reform

Pera is the Public Employees Retirement Association, and its instability had been a cause for concern. Currently, it faces a shortfall of nearly $32 billion dollars and lawmakers had been looking for a way to fund it for another 30 years. They reached an agreement on how to do so but taxpayers, employees and those who have retired will be making sacrifices.

Colorado Civil Rights Commission reauthorized

This pan3el hears discrimination cases and has been an issue due to the thought that rulings favored individuals and slighted businesses. They were, however able to come together and recertify the commission for another nine years.

The State budget

This is something that is usually quite difficult. In many years they had to decide what programs were to be cut and where they could properly apportion the money they did have. Not this year, as there is a surplus of $1.3 billion dollars they can use. A good portion of that surplus is expected to go to transportation, especially roads. Education spending will also be increased.

One that didn't pass was a bill known as the "red flag" bill, which would have made it possible for judges to order someone who had been determined a threat to themselves or others to surrender their firearms. This will continue to be discussed.

Our political process in action.

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