Find Thomas Rhett struggling with his work/home balance during his new song, "Country Again." The title track from his upcoming album represents the tone and theme of many of the 11 songs. Is it representative of the sound?

Longtime fans of Rhett's are familiar with this internal dialogue set to music. He writes and records songs as uniquely personal as anyone who goes No. 1 with the regularity of a 5-year-old who has had too many Cokes. Again and again, fans find something of themselves in this conflict. If you push past the names and places (Nashville, L.A. and his famous wife, Lauren) he's just another man working to do good by his family without dropping his soul at the door.

Eric Church earns a namecheck during the first verse, and Lauren Akins pops up during a pivotal third verse. Zach Crowell and Ashley Gorley helped pen a sharp, commercial radio-friendly story, and Dann Huff led the production effort. It's a more traditional song than Rhett's fans are used to. Gone are any of the pop leanings from previous hits. Fiddle and steel guitar drive this narrative, so even if one is worn out with the message, the sound will come as a pleasant surprise.

Did You Know?: Rhett's Country Again: Side A album drops April 30.

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Thomas Rhett's "Country Again" Lyrics: 

I quit hunting with my daddy / Guess I didn't make the time / And it’s been a year since I’ve seen a deer / Had a smallmouth on the line / The other day I hooked a monster / And as I reeled him in / I thought man it feels good to be country again.

I spent way less time in Nashville / And more time in LA / My back home buddies they quit calling / Thought I had too much on my plate / But last night we cracked some cold beers / And cranked Eric Church to ten / Thought man it feels good to be country again.

Yeah I love me some California / But it sure ain’t Tennessee / And my roots down there in Georgia / Yeah they started missing me / And I wouldn't change the things I’ve done / Or the places that I’ve been / But man it feels good to be country again.

I traded in my Silverado / I didn't need no 4x4 / Tucked my boots in the back of the closet / They didn't feel like me no more / But I dug 'em out and slipped 'em on / They’ve been on my feet since then / Man it feels good to be country again.

Repeat Chorus

I traded sunsets with my wife / For hours on my phone / And even when I was right beside her / I still wasn't really home / But last night we built a fire / I watched the moonlight kiss her skin / I thought man it feels good to be country again.

Man it feels good to be country again.

Ooooh, I saw the light / I found the way home / Thank you Lord amen / Man it feels good to be country again.

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