I asked the question, "Where in Grand Junction will you find the best deals on ammo?" Here's what you had to say.

As mentioned in my original post, I had just purchased a number of boxes of ammunition. Now, I'm setting appointments to meet with lenders so I can take out a second mortgage on my house.

My last few trips to the gun club featured some old ammunition I inherited. When ammo gets to be about 40 or 50 years old, it starts to get kinda gooey. In any event, it's now long gone.

It was time to resupply, so I made my way to a local, shall we say "outdoor enthusiast supply store." After shopping for a few minutes, and trying to figure out how I can live for the rest of the month on $5, I had a fresh supply of target ammo. The stuff isn't cheap.

This prompted me to ask the question: Where in the valley can you find the best deals on ammo? It went to a vote, and you responded in a big way. These are the top five results. There were several write-in votes in the "other" category. Those were added to the official list. Many offered write-in votes for websites, and several others mentioned the reload their own. Unfortunately, those responses don't contribute to the original question, "Where in Grand Junction..."

Here are your top five votes:


Congratulations, Cabela's. You received a ton of votes, and barely edged out Jerry's Outdoor Sports. Honorable mention goes to Sportsman's Warehouse and Walmart.

Well, there you go. If you're looking to restock, these appear to be the best places to shop in the valley. Thanks for sharing your opinions and taking the time to vote.

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