This bank robbery in Fruita went way, way wrong. On May 13, 1905, robbers were set on making some money in Fruita.

First they blew open the safe at the Fruita Mercantile Company and robbed it, according to Historial Photos of Fruita & western Colorado's Facebook.

Then, they got cocky. They tried to rob the First Bank of Fruita and the key word there is tried.

After the robbers blew open the outer vault doors they were getting ready to blow up the next set of vault doors when something stopped them. They heard a sound that stopped them in their tracks.

A telephone switchboard operator was in their office upstairs in the same building and obviously, she heard the explosion.

The robbers were so scared by this telephone ringing, they ditched blowing up the inner vault doors and took off. A robbery was stopped by a simple phone call.

And even though enforcement was notified, the robbers were never found.

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