An actual criminal tells us how he does it. Listen to what David has to say. It could help you not become a victim. 

Denver Police have put together this video to show us how to ward off criminals and how to stay safe this holiday season.

It is pretty amazing watching and listening to David's story. The tricks of the trade and what he was able to get away with. But now, fortunately he is able and willing to help the rest of us be less of a target. He shares his personal journey and what his methods of crime were.

One of his main points is that we are simply careless and not thinking. Especially during the holiday season. We are all in such a hurry, we simply forget what can be out there. Think about this, when is the last time you heard a car alarm go off and actually thought that a crime occurred? Our first response is 'jeez, will someone turn that damn alarm off?' 

So, please take some time and watch these two very important and insightful videos. It could save you a lot of hassle and grief this holiday season.



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