The best athletes in the world also provide some of the best memories.

While the Summer Games in Rio have been marred by some ugly incidents (we're looking at you, furious Irish boxer claiming cheating by judges and Egyptian judoka who refused to shake an Israeli opponent's hand), there have been plenty of instances where we're reminded of the humanity that exists among people of nations that may not seem to have much in common.

And, yeah, people will remember Usain Bolt's smile or this fencer's phone problem (not to mention Michael Phelps' penchant for cupping), but we should not overlook just how these Olympics brought people together in the best way in the spirit of athletic achievement -- if not diplomacy.

So much good has happened that you've probably forgotten about all the negative press Rio had gotten about housing on the eve of the Games. It's good to know the Olympics carried on in the true spirit they were intended.

Tokyo better take notice -- it's got four years to bring the world together on its soil.

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