After finding a sports bra inside my purse, I started to wonder what kind of weird things are inside of yours. We asked you this on our Facebook and your answers did not disappoint:

Thankfully, I'm not the only one with a sports bra in their purse. Kayla Brown commented and says she has a sports bra in her purse because her daughter left it in the car. Here are the weirdest things inside of Grand Junction's purse:

  • 1

    Fish Stringer

    Alisha Basford said she has a fish stringer in her purse which hopefully isn't used. Looks like Alisha is an avid fisherwoman, and her the inside of her purse shows it.

  • 2

    Nerf Gun Bullet

    Another weird thing that's inside of Grand Junction's purse -- a Nerf gun bullet. It's pretty obvious that Shelana Wilsey has kids, or maybe just a good sense of humor, or both.

  • 3

    Los Lonely Boys Guitar Pick

    Sharon Anable says she has a guitar pick from Los Lonely Boys that she got at their concert. Sharon said after she commented, she cleaned out her purse.

  • 4

    CBD Coffee

    This has to be the most Colorado answer of them all. Sharon Loughlin says the weirdest thing in her purse is a packet of CBD infused instant coffee.

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