Most of the time I do wash my jeans and then I hang dry them. Apparently, the best way to care for your jeans is to spot wash and wash inside out. Jeans cost so much we want to get the most money for what we paid for. Especially if we have a favorite pair of jeans we don't want them to wear out.

Have you ever heard that freezing your jeans will keep the color and shape of your jeans apparently that is not true?

I love wearing jeans and usually when I wear my jeans I wash my jeans.

However, I was shocked to learn not everyone washes their jeans the same way I do. For instance, I was watching a TV show with Anderson Cooper, and he admitted that he rarely washes his jeans and once went at least six months before cleaning them.

I then asked a friend of mine how often she washed her jeans and she said about every three days.

I do not know the correct amount of days one needs to go before washing their jeans. If you are causally wearing your jeans and not working in the trenches, I can see how you could wait. I mean you are not in a garage and getting grease on your jeans, so why bother washing them on a daily basis. I mean they aren't dirty.

It was interesting to note that the CEO of Levis rarely washes his jeans. He spot washes them and when he does wash them he washes them inside out. He also washes them by hand.

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