I love wearing jeans and I usually I wear my jeans I wash my jeans. However, I was shocked to learn not everyone washes their jeans the same way I do. For instance, I was watching a TV show and Anderson Cooper was being interviewed, and he admitted that he rarely washes his jeans and once went at least six months before cleaning them. I then asked a friend of mine how often she washed her jeans and she said about every three days.

I do not know the correct amount of days one needs to go before washing their jeans. If you are causally wearing your jeans and not working in the trenches, I can see how you could wait. I mean you are not in a garage and getting grease on your jeans, so why bother washing them on a daily basis. I mean they aren't dirty. So, I asked the question how often do you clean your jeans, and this is what you said.

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