I'm not sure what it is about warm weather and ice cream but as soon as we start getting nice weather I automatically start craving ice cream. It can be on a cone, in a bowl, or in the form of a milkshake, it doesn't matter I want it all. So, this past weekend I was wondering where to find the best milkshake on the Western Slope.

After looking through reviews from numerous websites I have a list of the best locations to get a milkshake on the Western Slope. And if you're favorite isn't mentioned below make sure you comment your favorite so we can add it to the list.

This list includes everything from fast-food restaurants, dine in restaurants, and some locations that cater to specifically to ice cream and milkshakes. But they all have one thing in common and that is they all create delicious shakes.

One last thing before we start the list, remember when you order a shake it takes longer than most other items so remember that when it comes time to leave a tip for the food services workers that are creating your sweet treat.

Okay, if you're craving a milkshake here are some of your best options on the Western Slope.

Western Slope's Best Milkshakes

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