Have you heard of this Colorado urban legend

A whale-like creature that lives high up in the Rocky Mountains and feasts on unsuspecting tourist and hikers. This is the Slide Rock Bolter. 

This tale goes back to the 1800's when lumberjacks and miners would recall stories of seeing this cryptid. Also known as Macrostoma saxiperrumptus, the Slide Rock Bolter perches itself high up on a mountaintop and waits. Waits for anything or anybody to wander by. That's when it strikes. The creature unhooks its tail and begins to slide down the mountain at great speed, building momentum with the help of a slick liquid that comes out of the corners of its mouth. It demolishes everything in its path until it is able to devour the unsuspecting prey.

williamdefalco via YouTube
williamdefalco via YouTube

A little far-fetched I will give you that. It seems to be a fun way to simply describe an ordinary avalanche. But, I still love the story.

Check out the clip. You can fast forward up to the 1:18 mark when the story actually begins.

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