If you're a southpaw like me, here's a reason to celebrate. A new study says left-handed people are better drivers.

The decade long study conducted by the The Center for Handedness Research and The Zebra tracked 1,500 drivers and discovered left-handed drivers have fewer accidents than right-handed drivers.

The study’s author, Glenn Haversham, says there may be several reasons why left- handed drivers are better drivers.

Because we drive on the right in this country, left-handed drivers may be used to a kind of constant revision of their instincts, keeping them more on their toes and ready to react to sudden threats. In addition, cars are designed with the right-handed driver in mind—think especially of the gear shift. This allows right-handed drivers to become complacent, while lefties are forced—as they are so often—to rely on their less dominant hand.”

The study started with accident rates, but then expanded to other driving habits.

Another study found left-handed people learn to drive more quickly and successfully than right-handed drivers.

These and other studies proving left-handed drivers are safer, have garnered the attention of auto insurance companies. If you or any drivers in your family are left-handed, it wouldn't hurt to ask your insurance company about discounts for southpaws.

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