The old watering tank in the tiny Colorado town of Rangely is getting a write up in a national magazine.

The New Yorker magazine just recently did an article on the amazing water tank located in Rangely, Colo.

The tank is becoming more and more famous because of its unique relationship with sounds. This simple metal container can resonate sounds for up to a minute. Musicians from all over the world are making it a point to check out the acoustic marvel.

Now known as the Tank Center for Sonic Arts make sure to check out the article that came out last week.

The 60-foot tank made its way to Rangely in the 1960s. Its original use was supposed to be a water tower, but some residents believed the ground underneath would not be able to support it when full. So, it sat empty and unused until 1976. That's when Bruce Odlen first realized it's 'special' powers when it came to sound.

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