After being our Mix 104.3 Pet of the Week four times, Zeta from Roice-Hurst was finally adopted. This is the story of how Zeta the 9-year-old deaf pitbull got adopted.

Elizabeth Payson says she started fostering Zeta from Roice-Hurst Humane Society on March 21st. She works at a spa in Aspen and when they closed a month early due to the coronavirus pandemic, she started thing about dogs. She was looking for another dog for her pitbull, Ellie, and decided to foster Zeta.

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Elizabeth says they fell in love with Zeta because so quirky and sweet. She describes Zeta as a sweet old girl, and says that she really seems to like her new home. Zeta learned to use the dog door in two days. She likes to roll around in the grass is just a sassy, funny girl.

The reason why Elizabeth adopted Zeta is that she was being selfish and didn't want anyone else to adopt Zeta, so she did. She said it was very easy to apply to be a foster mom at Roice-Hurst. She sent an email, sent a form over and made a phone call, then 5-7 days later, she got her new family member, Zeta.

Elizabeth said the moment she knew she had to keep her is when she brought Zeta to meet someone who was interested in adopting her. Then when Elizabeth was driving home, she realized she didn't want to give Zeta to anyone else. A week later, she was sure that she was going to adopt her. Even Elizabeth's mom knew that Zeta belonged to her and was now a part of the family.

Elizabeth says one of the first dogs she ever rescued was deaf. She communicates with Zeta by giving a thumbs up and jazz hands, which are good, and then wags her finger if it's not good. Ellie, Elizabeth's other dog, is six years old and was adopted three years ago. Ellie is a very sweet and understanding dog, and she's very welcoming and accepting of her new sister.

Elizabeth says she loves her so much and that if Zeta was a human, she'd be crocheting all day. Zeta is living her best life with Elizabeth and Ellie and Zeta Edith Payson is now her full name.

Zeta is a local celebrity here in Grand Junction and we know she's getting the VIP treatment at Elizabeth's.

As much as we loved seeing Zeta every now and then, we're so happy that she's finally found her forever home. We want to say thank you to Elizabeth for opening your home to foster Zeta and opening your heart and allowing her to become a part of your family. We're literally crying tears of joy.

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