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A mysterious art display stands in the eastern plains of Colorado baffling those who stumble upon it.

This mysterious display is known as the "Last Chance Module Array (Modules No. 4,5,)" an art project created by M12 Studios. This is the third "module array" art display from M12. There are two other "module" displays created by the studios, Prairie Modules No. 1 & 2 located in Indianapolis, Ind., and "Prairie Module No. 3" located in Reedsburg, Wis.

The "Last Chance Module Array" --created in 2015-- is located just south of Last Chance, Colo., on CO-71. The display is a bit difficult to see from the highway, just look for the tall communication tower, it's in the field in front of it.

According to M12 Studios, the array is two cubes "extruded to create a visual field containing a multiplicity of crosshatched forms." Read: two cubes pulled apart with cool designs. The studios also state that the design of the structures is expressive of farm and prairie architecture like barns and other farm structures.

The array is designed to align with the horizon and aligns with the rising and setting sun during the Summer and Winter solstice.

Thank you Juanita Freyta from the "Where in the World CO" Facebook group for the photos. at the "Last Chance Module Array". Here's what you'll experience at the Last Chance Module Array:

The Oddity That is the Last Chance Module Array

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