We are definitely blessed to have some outstanding golf courses in the Grand Valley but there is one thing these courses need more than anything.

Grand Junction's city courses Lincoln Park and Tiara Rado, along with Adobe Creek in Fruita and Chipeta Golf Course on Orchard Mesa all have public driving ranges. But, what all of these driving ranges lack is a truly big bucket of balls.

At any of these ranges, you can get a  small bucket of 30 balls up to a big bucket of about 90 balls that will probably cost you seven or eight bucks. But, what you can't get is a jumbo bucket of balls. If you are a serious golfer,  you've got to hit a jumbo bucket.

I experienced a jumbo bucket of balls recently at a golf course in Phoenix, and now anything else pales in comparison.

A jumbo bucket consists of about 225 balls and will cost you $17. Depending on your handicap, that is the equivalent of anywhere from two to three rounds of golf in terms of the number of shots you take. That, my friends, is one real workout!

Now, had I wanted to really splurge, I could have spent $29 and gone for the Family Size "Load", which is 460-500 balls! Holy Cow, that is a load of balls!

I don't know that we need to have the "load" size here in the Grand Valley, but a jumbo bucket would be perfect for those of that really want to work on our game as the new golf season approaches.

Grand Valley golf courses, listen up!  The one thing we really need here is some jumbo buckets!

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