Did you know there was such a place as Grand Junction, Tennessee? When it comes to housing, how does it compare to Grand Junction, Colorado?

Here's a quick look at the least expensive house currently on the market in Grand Junction, Colorado, compared to the least expensive house currently for sale in Grand Junction, Tennessee.

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Welcome To Grand Junction, Tennessee

Have you ever heard of this community? Grand Junction, Tennessee is located 62 miles east of Memphis. As of the 2021 census, the town is home to a whopping 336 people. Those living there are proud to proclaim their Grand Junction to be the "Bird Dog Capitol of the World." In fact, the town is home to the National Bird Dog Museum.

Resting at an elevation of 571 feet, the town occupies 1.19 square miles.

Things You'll Find In Grand Junction, Tennessee

Visit Grand Junction, Tennessee, and you'll find:

  • Field Trial Hall of Fame and Wildlife Heritage Center
  • A. Shulman manufacturing facility
  • Ames Plantation
  • National Field Trial Championships
  • a clothing boutique
  • two local banks
  • a couple of quick marts
  • a Dollar General store
  • a Family Dollar store

What Brought This Up?

When my grandfather on my dad's side passed away, we inherited a home in southern Illinois, roughly 240 miles from Grand Junction, Tennessee. That house was roughly 1,200 square feet, with a little over nine acres of land. Looking back, we sold the house for somewhere around $40,000.00. Had that same property been located in Grand Junction, Colorado, it would have sold for somewhere in the $600,000.00 range.

Making A Comparison

The gallery below includes facts and figures comparing the two houses. A few figures to keep in mind:

  • The least expensive house in Grand Junction, Tennessee lists at $125,000.00
  • The least expensive house in Grand Junction, Colorado lists at $175,000.00

Waylon's Disclaimer

Stop me if you've heard this before. I have no interest in either of these houses. I am in no way associated with the owners of these properties, their real estate agents, or the real estate companies. I have no interest in the sale of these properties, and will in no way benefit from sharing this information.

This post is intended solely as a comparison between two markets that happen to share a common name.

The Least Expensive House in Grand Junction, CO vs. Grand Junction, TN

Were you aware there was another town called Grand Junction located in Tennesse? You'll find it roughly 62 east of Memphis. As of the last census, the community is home to a population of 336 people. What's its claim to fame? Grand Junction, Tennessee has been called "The Bird Dog Capital of the World."

How does Grand Junction, Tennessee compare to Grand Junction, Colorado when it comes to real estate values? Take a look. Here's a quick comparison of the least expensive house currently on the market in Grand Junction, Tennessee as of Monday, December 5, 2022, compared to the least expensive house currently on the market in Grand Junction, Colorado

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According to westernmininghistory.com, Turret, Colorado was a small mining town near Salida that was settled in 1897. In addition to the post office, the town featured a salon, a butcher shop, a hotel, several stores, and even a newspaper.

On the south side of his property is a small piece of national forest, and the front door is less than a mile from hundreds of acres of national forest land. It's one of the most beautiful areas in Colorado. When you need to make a trip to the big city, you're just 30 miles from downtown Salida.

This rustic home is less than 700 square feet, but the layout is very efficient with two bedrooms, one bath, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room. For those cold winter nights, you can huddle around a wood-burning stove, which is more than adequate to keep the home warm and toasty.

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According to realtor.com, established in the late 1800s, the 7X Ranch, known as the Cattle Barons Castle, might be one of the most historic landmarks in the region. This ranch has it all - a carriage house, three-level barn, and over a thousand acres of land.

The ranch is located at 31052 Oak Mesa Road in Hotchkiss, Colorado. You'll find it about a 20-minute drive north of Hotchkiss. If you're making the drive from Grand Junction, the commute comes in at 74 miles and close to two hours drive time.

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