Be aware that watching this video will do permanent damage to your brain. Or it could completely "funk" you up! Come for the curiosity. Stay for the dance moves at the 2:00 mark. 

I can not remember exactly why or how I came across this video. But, there is no doubt I have been changed forever by it. And so will you.

Not in any religious way, that is not the point. This has nothing to do with religion. There is just something about these three that is almost hypnotic. Whether it is the harmonies in the singing, the fan-damn-tastic dance moves or the band in the background. I have never been able to put my finger on it.

It looks like this was some sort of performance for a particular religious seminar, camp or event. Again, religion is not the issue. It's the sheer command performance of these three on the stage. The choreography, albeit maybe slightly dated, is locked solid. Even the singing is not glass-breaking. You have to give it up for them. It sure looks like they spent countless hours creating this spectacle. Plus, the passion in which they sell the message. If this was America's (church) Got Talent, they are getting a BIG fat YES!

Still, though, I can not figure out why I am drawn to this video. After you watch a few times (and you will) maybe someone can concoct a decent reason why this video is so entrancing.

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