One evening, seven years ago, this "crime" occurred at a Grand Junction location. We need to find these people. They need to answer for what they have done.

Journey's Don't Stop Believing is a karaoke standard no doubt. But, after viewing this you may never want to hear the song again.

To solve this case, we are going to need some help. If anyone knows what Grand Junction location this is, or if you are able to identify any of these karaoke criminals. Even if you were one of these singing sinners, it is time to come forward and reveal yourselves. Otherwise, we have to call Keith Morrison back to Grand Junction for a special Dateline NBC.

I wonder if these folks had any idea that they were being videoed? They don't seem to. Of course, there could have been some alcohol involved to make them drop their guard. In any case, I'm sure that they would have never dreamed that seven years later the video would resurface.

Thanks to Tim Overstreet for publishing this on YouTube.

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