recently released what they believe is the biggest tourist trap in each state. How about Colorado? 

Whenever someone or some company does a Colorado state-wide article like this, I always wonder did they ACTUALLY come over to the Western Slope or just putz around Denver and Colorado Springs? declares that the 16th Street Mall in Denver is the champ. This is what they described it as:

'A pedestrian and transit space covering about 1.3 miles in downtown Denver, the 16th Street Mall is a tourist trap akin to Times Square in New York City and Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. It's overrun with chain stores and restaurants, offering very little that's unique to Denver.'

I also looked up this article from that lists the Top 10 tourist traps in Colorado. Here are the Top Five:

  • 5) Adolph Coors Brewery
  • 4) Denver Mint
  • 3)16th Street Mall
  • 2) Denver Downtown Aquarium
  • 1) Casa Bonita

As I mentioned earlier, I get upset when the Western Slope, Mesa County or Grand Junction never get mentioned in these Colorado statewide surveys, but maybe, in this case, we should be glad?

That being said, there have to be some tourist traps here in the Grand Valley?

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