Are you excited about Sunday the big game? Who would you like to see win? I know most would like to see the Rams win, but I do know a few Patriot fans as well. Hopefully, it will be a good game and not a blow-out.

I love to cook and l love food one of my all-time favorite appetizers is Sauage Dip. Have you ever tried Sauage Dip? It is so good you take :

1 lb Jimmy Dean Sausage

1 package frozen Spinach

1 can of Rotel hot, or mild

1/4 cup chopped scallions

1 package cream cheese

1 cup shredded cheese

You add this all together and serve warm  or hot with tortilla chips

You can tell what a lot of people will be eating on Sunday by what Wal-Mart sells.

• Walmart will sell enough frozen pizzas to stretch the length of the Grand Canyon, nearly 300 miles in length.

• Walmart will sell enough Velveeta cheese this week to fill an entire Olympic size swimming pool or 115,000 gallons.

We must not forget the little bbq weenies I love those too and what is a party without the little weenies. What is your favorite dish to make for the big game?

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