Grand Junction's Broncos Maniacs are on their way to the big game this weekend but stopped by to offer their predictions for Super Bowl 50.

About three months ago, Jeremiah Fischer, Brian Williams, and Jon Krabbe won tickets to the Super Bowl through a contest on Instagram. The trio dressed up as their alter egos Macho Manning, Bronco Sarge, and Bronco Hulkster and submitted their  photo for the contest.

The Bronco Maniacs may be Denver's good luck charm. They have attended five games this season, and the Broncos have won all five.

When Brian and Jon stopped by the studio we wanted to know what these die-hard fans were predicting for a Super Bowl score. Brian says Broncos win 27-17, and Jon says the Broncos jump out to a 17-0 lead and take a 34-27 victory.

I appreciate their confidence and will echo their sentiments. I will stick with the Super Bowl Prediction I made before the season started -  Broncos win 31-24. (Never mind that I had them playing the Cowboys)

If you're watching the game this weekend - and who isn't - be looking for the Bronco Maniacs. They'll be seated on the Broncos' side of the field, second row, near the goal line.

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