The results are in. Here are the top five best bartenders in Grand Junction.

So many bartenders from so many different places were nominated. There were bartenders from everywhere from Central Sation, to Mesa Theater, to Alehouse, to Wrigley Field, to Blue Moon, to Cruisers, to Twisted Turtle and more on the poll.

Now that you've voted for your favorite bartender around, here are the best of the best. (And trust me, these guys will all be hearing from us.)

These are the top five bartenders in Grand Junction -- according to you. Here are the best bartenders around, starting with number five and working our way up to the number one best bartender in Grand Junction:

  • 5

    Gabe Gonzales

    Buffalo Wild Wings

    Gabe commented on our 'nominate your bartender' post and said 'There's too many to list, love all my fellow drink slingers!' According to you, Gabe is to go-to bartender for cocktails at BWW.

  • 4

    Jessica Lawrence

    Le Rouge

    Lots of people raved on and on about Jessica Lawrence, who's the number four bartender in Grand Junction. She knows what she's doing and she's 'excellent' at it -- your words, not mine.

  • 3

    Tiara Knoblich


    Tiara Knoblich at Cruisers is in third place on our top 5 bartenders in Grand Junction list. Tiara works at the Cruisers in Orchard Mesa and almost the entire staff was also nominated.

  • 2


    Mesa Theater

    The people have spoken and Benjamin is Grand Junction's number two bartender. Everyone at the Mesa Theater was also nominated, which is where Benjamin bartends.

  • 1

    Paul Romero

    Twisted Turtle

    Paul Romero at the Twisted Turtle is Grand Junction's #1 bartender, according to you. Paul makes his drinks on point and he's not just your favorite bartender, but also your favorite person too. You'll be seeing us soon, Paul.

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