If nothing else, Coloradans are unique. Residents of Telluride gathered in the streets to kick up their heels and celebrate. What was the occasion? Nothing much ... just an avalanche.

Last Thursday, people watched as a plume of snow plowed down Ajax Peak in Telluride. How did the crowd know this was going to happen? As it turns out, the avalanche was part of mitigation work in the area.

How did they accomplish this? According to KUSA, a helicopter dropped bombs on the peak, resulting in the controlled avalanche.

According to Visit Telluride, the area has received 3.5 feet of snow in just seven days. The act of dropping bombs was done as a precautionary measure. This, by the way, is nothing new. Ajax gets "bombed" every four or five years.

In case you're wondering, everyone in town was given ample notice about the avalanche. Check out the video. No doubt you'll get a chuckle out of the "oohhhhhs" and "no waaayyyys" and "whuuuuts."

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