There's a new and pitiful craze sweeping the nation, and it just made an appearance in Colorado. This is the biggest thing since hula-hoops and parachute pants. Is it disrespectful? What should the punishment be?

This new fascination making appearances in cities all over the United States involves... get a load of this... teens jumping into the fish tanks at Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World. You know, those great big 22,000 gallon aquariums you see at the store.

According to the Denver Post, a young male jumped into the aquarium at the store at the Shops at Northfield Stapleton. In addition to being a colossal waste of time, the act also has potential legal ramifications. The boy injured his head during the jump. The Denver Post adds the teen may face charges if the aquarium or its fish were harmed.

Jack Wlezien, spokesman for Bass Pro Shops, says this is not the first time someone has jumped into the aquariums at the over one hundred Bass Pro Shops around the U.S.

He adds the event, while not uncommon, is not an everyday occurrence. This particular stunt marks the first time someone has jumped into one of their tanks this year.

Will the company press charges? At this time, Slezien says no. He says no damage was caused, and as far as the culprit is concerned, "This is a simply a teenager who made a mistake."

Do you agree? Was this simply a teenager acting out without causing any real harm? What should authorities do? Personally, since the kid likes water so much, I think he should be forced to intern for the summer as a mermaid on the submarine ride at Disneyland. He can hang around with fish all day while building character and job skills.

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