Colorado is home to several amazing caves. If you're looking to explore this beautiful state, be sure not to overlook the various caverns. Here are five incredible sites you should visit immediately.

Before we go even one step further, let's establish that not everything has to be Cave of the Winds. Caves come in all shapes and sizes, and they aren't all massive caverns thousands of feet underground. Sometimes a cave is simply a hole in the side of a hill.

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a cave is defined as:

Cave - A natural chamber or series of chambers in the earth or in the side of a hill or cliff

That having been said, there are many locations perfect for explorers and site seers. Here are five examples you should visit.

Cave of the Winds - West of Colorado Springs

Discovered in 1884, the Cave of the Winds is open to the public and offers daily tours. It is known for its unique crystalline structures. If you've been there before, you might want to head back. Several new caverns have been opened since I last visited.

Rifle Falls State Park - Silt

Just a hop, skip and a jump down the road from Grand Junction you'll find Rifle Falls State Park. The entire area is magnificent. A hike through a fascinating cave tops off the experience.

Castlewood Canyon State Park - Franktown

You'll find this awesome spot in Franktown, Colorado, a little southeast of Denver and Centennial. With a whopping population of 365 people, the community is just right. The next time you head over the mountain, continue on a few extra miles out of town and enjoy this little gem.

Bat Caves - Rifle Falls

Holy bat pee, Batman! Watch your head. The bat caves at Rifle Falls is home to three different species of bats.

Colorado National Monument

There are caves waiting to be explored right here in Western Colorado. No need to drive too far.

Personally, the single biggest anxiety attack I've ever experienced in my life was at the salt mines in Salzburg, Austria. When they said we were going to a salt mine, I had pictures of front end loaders digging a giant hole in the ground. Little did I realize we were going to ride mining cars half a mile into the mountain.

Put on your spelunking shoes and visit these amazing Colorado caves. You could hit several in one day. As you can see, in most cases, no special equipment is needed. The next time you explore beautiful Colorado, don't forget to visit the interior portions of the mountains.

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