Between 2016 and 2019, teen suicide rates in Colorado have increased 58% and this alarming news has many in Colorado and nationwide trying to figure out how to reverse it.

Nationally, teen suicide rates increased 25%, so over twice the number of teens in Colorado are looking to end their lives. And while the statistics are eye-opening, there doesn't seem to be an overarching reason for it.

United Health Foundation's Health of Women and Children Report shows the increase in Colorado is the fastest of any state in the nation, and some believe the sensationalism tied to suicide might make it seem like a normal course of action for many.

Constant negativity, bullying, and the lack of ability to cope with stress are all underlying reasons behind many suicides by teens, and availability of programs and counseling, or lack thereof, are all contributing factors.

At-risk teens are encouraged to speak up to family members, clergy members of school officials. But obviously more is needed to start bringing those sobering numbers down.



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