It sure seems like Taylor Swift has a soft spot for her Colorado fans. 

First, it was the heart touching story of how Taylor Swift found her way to Grand Junction to spend some time with one of her biggest fans, Delaney Clements in 2015. It was one of Delaney's dreams to meet her idol. Taylor quietly, with no fanfare or press, flew into Grand Junction and gave that little girl the surprise of a lifetime.

Now, it looks like Taylor is again making dreams come true for another Colorado fan. Riggin Bippus, a student at Colorado State University, was hand-picked by Taylor for a special invite-only listening party at her home in Los Angeles. What!?

Taylor's long-anticipated new album Reputation finally hits the store tomorrow (Nov. 10).

So, how does a student at CSU wind up hanging out with Taylor Swift? Well, it was part of a social media campaign where fans of Taylor's posted something or had said something that made the uber-star laugh or made her feel better on a gloomy day.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

But, Riggin wasn't alone. About 70 Swift fans total were chosen for this "secret session." According to Riggin, they all met in a hotel where they were thoroughly checked by security, had to agree to a confidential agreement, had their phones taken away and finally loaded up into a bus for the journey to Swift's residence.

After arriving, they were escorted to all the food and drink that was up by the pool in the backyard.

Finally, it was time to go inside. Sitting on pillows and blankets scattered on the floor, it was then that the Country-Pop superstar made her entrance. Riggins said some of the people starting cry and freak out. Then it was time to listen to the brand new album Reputation. 

Without divulging too much information, Riggin said that there wasn't a song on it that he did not like.

That's pretty cool, Tay-Tay. Every time I want to dislike you, you go ahead and pull something pretty cool like this. Good job. What an experience for those fans!

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