Here's a Colorado law you might have missed.

A Few Less Hard-Earned Dollars Flying Out the Window

With the cost of living seemingly rising faster than a speeding locomotive, it's nice to know that some things may be costing Coloradans less this year. As of January 1, incontinence products, diapers, and period products are no longer subject to state sales tax.

The bill was passed by the Colorado legislature during the 2022 regular session and became law at the beginning of 2023. The prime sponsors of the bill were Senators Sonya Jaquez Lewis and Faith Winter along with Representatives Susan Lontine and Leslie Herod.

So What Are 'Period Products?'

According to the wording of the bill, "incontinence products and diapers" means absorbent cloth or disposable products "worn by humans who are incapable of, or have difficulty, controlling their bladder or bowel movements." Period products refers specifically to products "used to manage menstruation."

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Cities and Counties Can Still Apply Sales Tax

Cities and counties can still tax these products, however, the state is hoping to make them more affordable for "millions of parents, individuals caring for infants and young children, and other users of incontinence products in Colorado for whom such products are essential."

What Else Should Be Tax-Exempt?

The money people save via this tax exemption might not be a large amount, but, over the course of a year, those dollars can add up so this is great news. It might also make us think of some other essential things in our lives we wish were tax-exempt as well - like gas, clothes, tools, makeup, and golf balls.

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