While the grassroots effort to save North Avenue was going on in August and September no one, except Target shareholders and some retail business leaders, noticed Target bought Grand Junction.

The exact price of the Grand Junction deal wasn't announced, but Target Executive Vice President Arthur Valdez said,

With this acquisition, Target will have immediate access to Grand Junction’s technology and carrier network, which will accelerate the work we’re doing to improve our speed of delivery.

Market Watch reported once all the details of the deal are worked out, Grand Junction would become Target staffers. The report did not indicate if those brought in from Grand Junction would be required to wear the red and black attire typically associated with Target.

Initial plans to integrate Grand Junction into the Target system occurred last fall, with large-scale implementation of the resources Grand Junction has to offer to occur throughout 2018.

Note: Grand Junction is a San Francisco based company that provides technology infrastructure for local delivery and proprietary local delivery programs and is not affiliated with the City of Grand Junction, Colorado. Some citizens may be disappointed to know Target is not actually taking over operation of the City of Grand Junction.

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