I hate living in fear but I also want to be smart when it comes to putting a bumper sticker on my car. Some people don't care they will put any political bumper sticker on their car or truck and sometimes it stirs the pot.

I would never have thought that a bumper sticker could make me a target. Think again, it can. Police say that the bumper sticker you display could put you at the risk of criminals.

For instance, you may have a bumper sticker that says my kid is an honor student at such and such school. According to police that is giving a criminal an upper edge.
You might be displaying a bumper sticker that shows your husband is in the military and that could convey that he is gone a lot. Whatever type of bumper sticker you have on your vehicle be aware of what kind of information your bumper sticker is actually saying and if it could give out a clue to where you live. Criminals look for opportunity.

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