5 Colorado Bourbons or Whiskey to Get for the Holidays
The holidays are coming up… Quick. If you are like me, you have friends and family bombarding you with the question “What do you want for Christmas”. That one little question is so very frustrating for me. Why? Because I am one tough Christmas cookie to shop for...
D-Stilled Colorado: State-38 Distilling
When it comes to whiskey, my heart is in the 38th state of the USA. There is something special about Colorado whiskeys that keep me coming back for more and in search of different bottles to try. I don't know if it's the fact that it is made locally that draws me in or if there really is s…
Do It With Diet!
To the wild-eyed booze enthusiast, it is a sometimes-necessary evil to cut 80 proof whiskey with diet soda, to keep that girlish figure without having to throw your balls up over your shoulders and just do shots. Good news, friends -- it's also an efficient way to get tanked.
Boozing in the Holidays
Well this is better than a candy of the day Advent Calendar!
We’ve found the perfect gift for the classy boozehound in your life – The Whisky Advent Calendar.