Tacoparty in downtown Grand Junction is hiring and mad cooking skill are required. Tacoparty is looking for a line cook with a certain set of skills.

I saw that Tacoparty posted an ad for a job on their Facebook. I could tell you exactly what the ad searching for a line cook says, but I'll give you my interpretation of it instead.

Line Cook with Mad Cooking Skills Wanted

We're looking for someone who is on that top chef status. You have to be able to devote your time to the restaurant, eight days a week. In the food biz, we work eight days a week -- not seven. This culinary master should have the cooking skills indescribable by words. Cooking with your eyes closed is a must. You don't need eyes when you have your sense of smell and taste.

Your skills must be at the grandma level -- meaning you can make everything from scratch. We'll pay you with not just food, but also money too. And if you've got mad cooking skills, you can get endless promotions. Sound sick right? Come through Tacoparty 126 S 5th Street and we'll test those tacos skills first.

See the real ad for the line cook position here. Tacoparty does having amazing food and amazing owners -- I would know. The owner of Tacoparty and Bin 707 was our Grand Junction Spotlight one week and even brought me tacos.

Tacoparty, you deserve the best of the best and I can only hope you get someone with mad cooking skills on your team.

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