An online tabloid reports a Glenwood Springs man was sexually assaulted by a Sasquatch earlier this week. Darrel Whitaker was simply minding his own business while walking through the woods when the attack occurred.

According to the World News Daily Report, 57-year-old Darrel Whitaker was walking towards his hunting cabin last Sunday, May 7, when he was attacked by a "gorilla-like" creature. According to Whitaker, the creature dropped from a tree and then punched him in the face.

The creature then began to tear at Whitaker's clothing. When the creature went after the victim's underwear, Whitaker lost his cool and stabbed the creature with his hunting knife. At that time, the creature fled the scene.

The World News Daily Report states Whitaker reported the attack with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife agency and the Glenwood Springs Police Department. I contacted both agencies for comment, and neither had heard anything about this.

Whitaker maintains he is confident the attacker was a Sasquatch. He described the attacker as:

  • Roughly 8-foot tall
  • Extremely hairy
  • Brown hair
  • Dark Brown Eyes
  • Extremely Large Feet

As you have probably already guessed, the World News Daily Report is a maybe-not-so-credible tabloid site. You might be wise to let this one go and avoid losing any sleep. Their legal disclaimer reads as follows:

Information contained int his World News Daily Report website is for information and entertainment purposes only - World News Daily Report Legal Notice

In the meantime, though, be on the lookout. Please keep in mind there's safety in numbers. Until the "suspect" is in custody, don't go out in the woods alone.

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