You've probably lost track of all the phone scams making the rounds in western Colorado. It's been a grand total of a week and a half since the last one, so you know what time it is. There's a new scam in town, and this one claims to be from Mesa County Civil Services Division.

Take a look at the photo at top. That's the phone in my office here at the studio. You'll see the fancy little screen stating I have 15 missed calls. You'll also notice my name is spelled wrong. I didn't notice, not at least until I saw this photo. Every one of those 15 calls came from a scammer. I must have opened a can of worms a week and a half ago when posting about a scam which had just hit the valley. They're out to get me.

Most messages received on this line belong to the category of scams where the recorded voice on the other end asks "Can you hear me now?" A few others claim to be from an insurance company wanting to give me money for a life insurance claim.

This new scam blowing into town is one of several where the person claims to be with a local agency. In this case, the person identifies themselves as Lt. Chad Johnson from the Mesa County Civil Services Division.

Mesa County authorities assure you they will never call and ask for money. Never give out credit card numbers or buy a prepaid card and share the info over the phone.

Can you remember when Grand Junction's biggest phone "scam" involved somebody calling your house and breathing heavy into the phone? That was about as bad as it would get.

Don't fall for these! Recent scams include people claiming to be incarcerated at the Mesa County Jail, dirtbags claiming to be with law enforcement, imposters posing as I.R.S. agents threatening you with heavy fines, and now this new disgrace. None of these agencies will ever CALL you asking for money. Be on the lookout.

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