Sylvester Stallone is coming to television in a new show titled Tulsa King, and in a new interview, the cinema superstar says he would be completely open to appearing on Yellowstone, which Tulsa King creator Taylor Sheridan also writes.

"Absolutely," the Rocky and Rambo icon tells Entertainment Tonight, adding that he and Yellowstone star Kevin Costner have known each other "for centuries."

Stallone even suggests a scenario in which he might be written into the show, which has become the most-watched drama on cable television over the course of four seasons since it launched in 2018. He jokes that Costner's character of John Dutton might finally meet his match.

"He's finally run into a guy who’s like, 'I’d just like to have a retirement home. Do you mind if I buy your entire ranch? I got an offer you can’t refuse.' ... That'd be great. Good man."

Stallone stars on Tulsa King as a mob boss who's released from prison after 25 years, and he believes he'll be rewarded for his loyalty, only to be betrayed. He ends up being "exiled" to Tulsa, where he builds a motley crew to establish a new criminal enterprise in a completely unfamiliar setting.

Stallone tells ET that he first met Sheridan before Sheridan launched Yellowstone, when he had written the feature film Sicario and was just about to really succeed. Stallone introduced his daughters to barrel racing, and that's how he first encountered Sheridan, who is an avid horseman.

"Taylor Sheridan was at the same barn, and he hadn’t made it yet," Stallone recollects. "He [was] still acting and I think he was still doing [2015's] Sicario, just on the cusp, and I thought, 'You know what, I’m going to do another Rambo, you want to write it?'"

"He goes, 'No, I’m kind of busy on my own thing,' and then we got into a conversation. He ended up buying my daughter’s horse and then he bought a second one... but they are the earliest inception of his transition into being this megastar."

Tulsa King is set to debut with back-to-back episodes on Sunday, Nov. 13, on the Paramount+ streaming service.

Yellowstone's Season 5 is also slated to premiere on Nov. 13 on Paramount Network.

The new season will consist of 14 episodes airing in two arcs of 7 episodes apiece. Seasons 1-4 of the hit Paramount Network show are currently available to stream via Peacock.

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