These are the words of John J. Rambo, the hero of ‘First Blood’ (better known as ‘Rambo’) and then ‘Rambo: First Blood Part II’ (better known as ‘Rambo II’) and then ‘Rambo III’ (the only one people call by its actual title) and then ‘Rambo’ (better known as ‘Old Rambo’). After what basically amounts to a movie-long chase, ‘First Blood’ concludes with a heartfelt speech from star Sylvester Stallone, explaining how nothing (meaning the Vietnam War) is over for him; that his mind is too scarred from the brutal acts he witnessed and committed, and by the cruel treatment he’s received on the homefront. It’s a powerful (if occasionally incomprehensible) scene.

Stallone also tweeted that he’s off to Philadelphia this week to start shooting ‘Creed,’ the ‘Rocky’ sequel/spinoff about Apollo Creed’s grandson (played by Michael B. Jordan), where he’ll reprise his role as the Italian Stallion; in a canny twist, he’ll now play the Mickey figure to a new generation of up-and-coming boxer. Also, he recently tweeted this picture of himself on a horse for some reason.

There have been a few different rumored storylines for this fifth ‘Rambo,’ including at least one that would have involved Stallone versus a crazy genetically-mutated monster, if you can believe that. The most recent update claimed he would instead square off with a drug cartel. Either way, ‘Last Blood’ is an awesome title for a Rambo movie. And it will only lose a little bit of awesomeness when Stallone inevitably makes yet another sequel and calls it ‘Rambo: Last Blood, Part II.’

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