Is Creed 2 actually happening? It’s been about 18 months since our last update on the project, when we heard the sequel might come out in 2017, sans direction by Ryan Coogler. Coogler and star Michael B. Jordan are off finishing up Black Panther for Marvel, but Sylvester Stallone is taking to social media to drum up excitement for a possible follow-up, with a very specific storyline. See if you can figure it out:

Directing APOLLO AND DRAGO , The two best "cinema "boxers that ever lived!… Maybe it's time to try to again? A post shared by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on

Really like this RARE picture... ROCKY making DRAGO'S life difficult between takes!!! #CREED 2 #MGM @dolphlundgren

A post shared by Sly Stallone (@officialslystallone) on

Subtle, Sly. Very subtle.

The son of Creed versus the son of Drago, the guy who killed the father of the son of Creed. There is a certain poetry to that idea. There is also an obviousness that was not present at all in Creed, and makes me very nervous about the idea (even if Dolph Lundgren returns to play Papa Drago).

Stallone previously said Creed would be his final appearance as Rocky, because there was no better ending for the character than where that movie left him. And that’s probably true. On the other hand, Stallone has also said he was through playing Rocky at least three different times that I know (before III and then after and Balboa) and each time he came back anyway. I dunno if an Instagram campaign can make the movie happen. (Or if the movie is closer to happening than I think already.) But if there’s a chance, I have a hunch Stallone is ready.

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