14 super rare and super adorable black-footed ferrets were released on a ranch in Colorado. Black footed-ferrets are the rarest mammals in all of North America.

Black-footed ferrets are the only ferret species native to Noth America and were thought to be extinct two different times. Colorado is one of eight states that are committed to the recovery of this super cute species.

Black-footed ferrets were reintroduced to Colorado in 2001 near Rangely, but they didn't make it past 2010 because of a plague outbreak. Then, in 2013 300 more black-footed ferrets were released at six different places.

Once the first wild-born kit was born in 2015, Colorado Parks and Wildlife knew they were making progress. This past Monday, Nov. 18 10 juvenile and four adult ferrets were released on a private ranch outside PUbelo West.

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This 80,000-acre ranch is owned by Gary and Georgia Walker, who are the first private landowners in Colorado to release black-footed ferrets, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife. These super rare mammals are currently on the endangered species list, but hopefully, that will change.

Thanks to good people like Gary and Georgia, the Walker Ranch has become a safe haven for these adorable little black-footed ferrets. Colorado Parks and Wildlife biologists monitor the colonies, distribute the plague vaccine to protect both the black-footed ferrets and the prairie dogs.

Just look at these little cuties getting used to their new home. 80,000 acres on a private ranch sounds like a great place to settle down.

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