About 60 percent of the state is experiencing some form of drought and just added Summit County. The U.S Drought Monitor tracks Drought across the country assigns levels according to severity. D0- D4 with D4 being the most severe. Summit County has been assigned D2 which means crop and pasture losses, water shortage and water restrictions. Are you conserving water?

I mentioned a few weeks ago I had lived in drought-ridden California back in the late 90's and their slogan was "Don't Be A Water Hog" conserve water. It was so bad there that people couldn't water their lawns or their cars. They asked people to take five-minute showers and to turn off the water while they were brushing their teeth.

When this water-saving campaign was going on it was pretty scary knowing that you could actually run out of the water.

What slogan could you come up with to save water?   Here are some ways people are trying to save water.

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