The scenery is one reason we love Colorado so much.

And if it's scenery you're after, you could do a lot worse than the Alpine Loop.

The Alpine Loop covers 65 miles of road between the towns of Silverton, Ouray and Lake City and has some of the most incredible views you will find anywhere.

For most of the trip, a two-wheel drive vehicle will work, but if you really want to fully immerse yourself in the trip, you'll need a four-wheel drive vehicle. Crossing Engineer Pass, Cinnamon Pass or Mineral Creek requires a vehicle with a little more clearance than the usual. But as you can tell, it's worth it.

Roads first used in the 19th century by miners carrying their ore to those places in wagons pulled by mules are still the ones used today. Taking your time as you wind along, you will come across abandoned towns, mining sites and more.

Keep in mind, however, these roads are narrow and one wrong turn could put you at the bottom of a ravine, as there are no guardrails. So taking your time and being aware is of paramount importance.

Take the Alpine Loop this summer. You'll love it.

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