We thought we were out of the woods — but we're not. Welcome, March! Sure, Northern Colorado was spared the Midwest's #polarvortex2019, but we had our share of below-zero temps blastin' our a**es, too.

Some of us (*cough* me *cough*) got through it with broken heat in their apartment building (and subsequent broken pipes), and never want to do that again. Thankfully, the heat's been restored, because we're about to see another round of negatives. Ya'll hold on!

We'll enjoy the mild 50s for today and tomorrow (Friday), but Saturday is going to bring snow to Northern Colorado, with a low temp of zero degrees, and Sunday, we could drop all the way down to the negatives, according to The Weather Channel.

As I like to say, and as they say in Michigan (and in Jurassic Park), 'Hold onto your butts.' And stay warm, everyone.

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