It is National Bullying Prevention Awareness month. Stop the bullying stand up for yourself and others. Bullying is not just about kids it is about everyone. I remember growing up I was bullied, bigger kids were always taking my stocking cap. I was always teased.

We are now creating awareness which was never in existence before.

Not only do kids get bullied at school but they get bullied on the internet. The world has changed so much.

It's time to stop the bullying. Bullying comes in many different shapes; it could come from friends putting you down trying to make them look good, It could come from teasing, spreading rumors, it could come from labeling people.

I try and make it a point not to judge people or criticize them and to let people be who they want to be.

Try to support one another and those around you. If you need information on Bullying, there are many sites.

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