For the second time in a month, a Grand Junction resident's American flag has been stolen right off their front porch. Who is doing this?

This theft occurred in the 29 Road area. If you follow the community website NextDoor, you'll notice there have been a handful of similar reports from all over Grand Junction.

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Flags are being stolen from right off the porch.

In this case, both the flag and the flagpole were stolen. As you can see in the photo at the top, the flag is securely fastened to the house. According to the homeowner, the flag has a light trained on it at night and is clearly lit. The yard is also well-lit with security lights.

I'm disgusted! I live in the Arbors off 29 Road and Orchard Ave. Some lowlife took my American flag last night, flagpole and all. - Betty via NextDoor

This has happened more than once at the same location.

I contacted the homeowner to discuss the matter. As you can imagine, the repeated theft of her property is irritating. Add to that the fact the objects in question are American flags, and you have a crime leaving area residents angry and sickened. The homeowner said to me via NextDoor Messenger, "It's frustrating and really makes me angry that someone would do this, not once, but twice!"

The homeowner adds her doorbell camera recently caught the image of a young person, roughly ten to 13 years of age, doing a "ring and run."

What's next?

After a little digging, it appears communities all over the country are having similar problems. In this case, the property owner states she plans to install more surveillance equipment.

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