When your employer celebrates 125 years in service that is something to be celebrated. And the staff at St. Mary's Medical Center in Grand Junction didn't miss out on that opportunity earlier this week. To enjoy the occasion associates went big and created some incredible-looking cakes and I can only imagine they tasted delicious.

While it sounds like all fun and games as people celebrate, there were also some St. Mary's associates who were hard at work as "Cake Wars" were on. This means people hard at work to get creative and make a stunning cake that everyone raves about.

Being someone who cannot bake to save my life I think all of these cakes look fantastic, and I really wish I was on hand to taste some of these creations. Although I did notice on the St. Mary's Medical Center, Grand Junction, CO Facebook page, there was a comment by Elizabeth who got to see the desserts in person and commented that they were all amazing.

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A very well done to all of the bakers and associates at St. Mary's here in Grand Junction. You can check out all of the cakes below:

St. Mary's 125th Anniversary Cakes

Look at all these delicious looking cakes created by the staff at St. Mary's Medical Center in Grand Junction.

As you can tell Grand Junction has some fantastic bakers. I would love to know how long some of these bakers spend putting these fantastic culinary creations together. They all look great. Hats off to all of the cake creators at St. Mary's Medical Center in Grand Junction.

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